What is the function of the photoelectric converter? How to maintain the fiber optic transceiver?

The photoelectric converter can smoothly upgrade the original fast Ethernet and fully protect the user’s original network resources. It can also be called an optical fiber transceiver. The photoelectric converter can realize the interconnection between the switch and the computer, can also be used as a transmission relay, and can also perform single-multi-mode conversion. During the application process of the optical fiber transceiver, care should be taken to maintain it, so as to extend the service life of the machine.

What is the function of the photoelectric converter?

1. The photoelectric converter can not only realize the interconnection between the switch and the switch, but also the interconnection between the switch and the computer, and the interconnection between the computer and the computer.

2. Transmission relay, when the actual transmission distance exceeds the nominal transmission distance of the transceiver, especially when the actual transmission distance exceeds 120Km, if the site conditions permit, use 2 transceivers for back-to-back relay or use light- Optical converters for relaying are a very cost-effective solution.

3. Single-multi-mode conversion. When a single-multi-mode fiber connection is needed between networks, a single-multi-mode converter can be used to connect, which solves the problem of single-multi-mode fiber conversion.

4. Wavelength division multiplexing transmission. When the long-distance optical fiber cable resources are insufficient, in order to increase the utilization rate of the optical cable and reduce the cost, the transceiver and the wavelength division multiplexer can be used together to transmit the two channels of information on the same pair of optical fibers.

How to maintain the fiber optic transceiver?

1. In the use of fiber optic transceivers, it is necessary to ensure that the laser components and photoelectric conversion modules of the optical transceiver are continuously and normally powered, and the impact of the instantaneous pulse current is avoided, so it is not suitable to switch the machine frequently. The central front-end computer room where the optical transceivers are concentrated and the 1550nm optical transmitter optical amplifier set point should be equipped with UPS power supply to protect the laser components and prevent the photoelectric conversion module from being damaged by high pulse current.

2. A ventilated, heat-dissipating, moisture-proof, and tidy working environment must be maintained during the use of fiber optic transceivers?? The laser component of the optical transmitter is the heart of the equipment and requires high working conditions. In order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, the manufacturer A refrigeration and heat rejection system is installed in the equipment, but when the ambient temperature exceeds the allowable range, the equipment cannot work normally. Therefore, in the hot season, when the central computer room has many heating equipment and poor ventilation and heat dissipation conditions, it is best to install Air conditioning system to ensure the normal operation of the optical transceiver. The working diameter of the fiber core is in the micron level. Small dust entering the active interface of the pigtail will block the propagation of optical signals, causing a significant drop in optical power and a reduction in the signal-to-noise ratio of the system. This type of failure rate is about 50%, so the computer room Cleanliness is also very important.

3. The use of fiber optic transceivers must be monitored and recorded. The optical transceiver is equipped with a microprocessor to monitor the internal working status of the system and collect the various working parameters of the module, and visually display through the LED and VFD display system, in order to remind the value in time For the crew, the optical transmitter is equipped with an audible and visual alarm system. As long as the maintenance personnel determine the cause of the fault according to the operating parameters and deal with it in time, the normal operation of the system can be guaranteed.

Post time: Dec-31-2020